Mayor should be a statesman and step down

April 17 is a date that most residents of Dixon won’t soon forget. The arrest and subsequent termination of the city comptroller cast a dark cloud of uncertainty. Questions regarding the $30 million [misappropriation] may take months, if not years, to resolve.

Rather than debate endlessly over what may have been had if the money remained in the city’s coffers (I’d like to have seen Memorial Pool reopened for our youngsters, as well as some tax incentives to attract new business to Dixon), it is time for decisive action so Dixon may progress.

An act of statesmanship from Mayor James G. Burke would be to resign from office effective immediately.

As a result, a stronger city council may then move to appoint Bob Gibler to finish the remainder of the term.

This action would restore integrity as well as credibility to city hall. Bob Gibler’s financial stewardship would ensure that such a theft will never occur again.

Our 33rd president, Harry S. Truman (1884-1972), had a plaque on his desk in the Oval Office. It read, “The Buck Stops Here.”