Let’s work to rebuild pride and confidence

The following is a statement from the Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

The arrest of the Dixon city comptroller last week was devastating news for the entire community.

Although there has and will be plenty of second-guessing, blame and self-doubt generated by these events, it is our belief that the agenda for businesses, the community and each citizen should be to do our best to move forward, making sure that this can never happen again.

It will be important to rebuild our confidence and community sense of pride and secure our reputation. This will not be an easy task, but we will work to assist the process, and we know members of the Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many others will do the same.

The corporate citizens of Dixon will continue, as we have in the past, to work together to build a better community in which to live and do business.

We remain respectful of the many fine and honest people at the city of Dixon, both elected and otherwise, who had no part in this most unfortunate chapter of Dixon’s over 180-year history. The Chamber has represented Dixon’s corporate citizenry since 1887, helping to build our fine community.

Going forward, we will support Dixon’s efforts to move beyond this situation in the best way possible.

Note to readers – John R. Thompson is president/CEO of the Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.