Student of the Month at DHS

Senior Tiara Sond-geroth, 17, is Dixon High School’s February Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Terry and Jacqueline Sondgeroth, and has two siblings, Chelsea, 19 and Cody, 16, all of Dixon.

Favorite class: Medical biology, because I loved learning about the body and how it functions in different situations, and Frank Cahill did a great job teaching it.

Top teacher: Mike Olson because he is always optimistic in his classroom and he is funny without even trying.

Extracurricular: Cross country, track, National Honor Society and youth group.

After graduation: I’m planning to attend a 4-year college (which is still in the process of being selected) to major in biology and then go on to become a physical therapist.

Best friend: My sister, Chelsea, because we make awesomeness a word when we’re together.

Favorite movie: “Up.”

Hobbies: Running, shopping, hanging out with friends and family and being crafty.

Favorite outdoor activity: I really enjoy being outdoors in general, but I love going on adventurous hikes.

Favorite foods: Fresh fruit or blonde brownies with vanilla ice cream.

Biggest fear: Bugs, spiders or any other little creepy-crawly things.

Survival guide: Staying on top of school work and getting involved in something you enjoy will make your time at DHS that much better.

I’m in the dictionary next to: Zealous, because I apply an enthusiastic and passionate behavior to whatever it is I am doing, and it’s also a fun word. A little fun is needed once in a while to keep things running smoothly.

Personal trivia: I love thunderstorms.

Dream job: Marine biologist.

Trading places: With my grandma, to see how different it was growing up and being a teenager then and to see how far technology has come.

Trading spaces: Kenya, because I’ve always wanted to live in a village for a few days and help out, take a trip on a safari to see giraffes and go visit the coast.

Shout out to: The DHS cross country and track team’s past and present teammates, for making these past 4 years ones I will never forget. Thanks, love you, guys.